Why is training your leg muscles so important?

First of all, it is useful to know that when you train intensively, your body produces a growth hormone. These hormones are very important when your goal is to increase muscle mass. These are produced faster in the large muscle groups such as your legs. This means that when you train your leg muscles, the hormones that are produced will also affect the growth of the other smaller muscle groups. However, this is only relevant to the men among us. Women make very little to no growth hormones and testosterone. The reason many women give up weight training is because they are afraid of becoming too muscular. Yet it is true that women can never achieve the same muscle growth as men, unless they take large amounts of extra growth hormones. So if you want to burn a lot of calories or accentuate your leg and buttock muscles, leg muscle exercises are the way to go!

In addition, training your leg muscles comes with a number of benefits that will have a direct impact on the following:

1. Natural ratio
If you only train your upper body for a toned six-pack, broad shoulders and big biceps, your body will fall out of proportion sooner or later. Most of us will most likely also believe that a wide upper body with narrow legs doesn't really look good. On the contrary. If you also give your leg muscles enough attention in the gym, your body will remain in balance. No natural ratio means a greater chance of injuries in the muscle groups that are less well developed.

2. Stimulation for the growth of the upper body
As a connection to the previous point: if you put your lower body to work, this will affect all muscle groups in your body. Leg muscle exercises such as sets of squats, leg presses and wall-sits produce a lot of growth hormones and testosterone. Several studies have shown that squats and deadlifts release most growth hormones and testosterone. These hormones stimulate muscle building in your entire body, including the smaller muscle groups.

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