How Monday doesn’t have to be terrible

Mondays are the days you prefer to stay on your chair all day long. Of course you need your daily cups of coffee and your lunch to stay up, but that’s about it. More movement isn’t possible. Too bad, because when there’s too much inactivity in your body you get more and more tired (this also counts when prolonged standing). Actually, it’s important to move every 30 minutes. We hear you thinking: ‘laterrrrrrr!’

Fine, stay on that chair, but there are a few things you can do to still feel energetic and enjoy your Monday with a smile on your face. Because you want to sit so badly, it’s wise to start wearing STOX Work Socks. These socks stimulate the blood circulation in the legs and provide maximum oxygen-capacity of the muscles. Thanks to different compression points STOX prevents muscle fatigue, creates maximum alertness, mental concentration, motivation and productivity. Exactly what you need on a Monday!

Also, try to have fun in your job. It’s not always easy, but be honest, that would become boring right?! Every time it’s gets hard, try to realize that you’re helping the company to get better. And that includes a bit of constructive criticism. Take initiative and think problem solving.

Next to this, try to live healthy. A lot of us life healthy during the week, but drop this in the weekend. You will feel better on Monday when you continue your healthy lifestyle during the weekend. For instance, go for a run or workout on Saturday or Sunday to start your day bright and early. When you want to push yourself a bit during your run or workout you wear STOX Running Socks. The STOX® Energizing Flow decreases muscle fatigue and stimulates blood lactate removal, which enhances recovery. After your workout you wear STOX Recovery Socks. The compression is slightly different divided than the Running Socks to prevent injuries and fasten the recovery period. Believe us, this will help you to feel energized all day long, so that you can do tons of other nice things in your weekend. Oh, and try to get up at a reasonable time. It’s nice to stay in bed ‘till noon, but it’s important that you stay in your daily routine, so keep this in mind.

Another thing that will help you is when you clean your house already on Sunday, pick out your outfit for Monday and distance yourself from any electronic device. Thanks to this you’ll have a quieter (and thus, better) night sleep!

Conclusion of this ‘terrible Monday’, is that it’s not that terrible at all. As long as you treat yourself right! A good night of sleep, a healthy lifestyle and some exercising. And of course, wear your STOX regularly, but that’s obvious. Do you need a bit of workout motivation? Here you go! A nice Spotify playlist and you’re ready to go!

Master your (Mon)day with STOX!’

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