Tips chaotic working day

Whether you have an office job, are in the store or work in the catering industry: everyone has such a day when chaos threatens to get the upper hand and you no longer know what to do with madness. These are the moments when you soon drop a few stitches and the chaos will only increase. Here are a few useful tips to help you endure a chaotic working day more productively and happily! 1. Start with the most difficult task of the day 2. Spread your meals Healthy snack. Eating a snack between breakfast and lunch will make you less likely to watch the clock exhausted as you count down to lunch break. After all, working on an empty stomach is anything but productive! 3. Wear comfortable clothes tired legs getting bigger and bigger. Fortunately, you can postpone this considerably by wearing compression socks. STOX Energy Socks has developed special compression socks and tights that are especially intended for the workplace. With the Work Socks and Work Panty, your legs get more support, improved blood circulation and much more energy. Goodbye legs, hello productive working day! 4. Listen to positive music Spotify's Work Day Soul playlist is packed with positive and energetic soul classics from ao. Curtis Mayfield and Aretha Franklin. Bet that you will be completely in higher spheres again? TIP: Especially for the runners among us, we also have a blog with our 10 favorite running playlists. This will keep you going well! Take a short and well-deserved break 6. Be Complimentary You will have to get through such an extremely busy working day (or week), but at least you will do well with these tips! Do you have some good tips to improve your productivity during the chaos? Or are you curious how much influence wearing compression socks has on the workplace? Then read our blog about showing up energetically at work.

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