Swollen limbs during pregnancy

Often women suffer from fluid retention during their pregnancy, retaining fluids from 2 up to even 3 kilos at times. This is also known as edema and can be highly uncomfortable in the last months of being pregnant. Due to swelling of the feet, ankles, legs and even arms the skin suffers extra tension and could feel sore. Besides it being a painful phenomena, edema isn’t very flattering either, and for many it’s something they’d rather try to hide. Fortunately edema does disappear after the pregnancy.

Why does my body retain all these fluids during my pregnancy?

There are multiple causes that could lead to increased fluid retention during pregnancy of which hormones, first and foremost, play a significant role. Hormonal changes during pregnancy induce the blood vessels to shrink, whiles simultaneously there’s actually more blood in the body. This then creates a perfect storm in which the body is limited in its capacity to shed its fluids to other organs. And voila, you feel like a bloated whale. Now, one can say that this just part of being pregnant, but wait, there are actually a number of potential remedies.

How to combine pregnancy with style

You might have heard about it before, but compression socks are one very helpful solution to help you get rid of your excess fluids. What? Those dirty granny beige socks? No, STOX Energy Socks! STOX compression socks bring together the functionality of a normal compression sock, being thoroughly medically tested, together with a hip and stylish design. When you wear our socks underneath your normal outfit it seems like you just wear regular white, blue or black socks. They are made in such a way, that the area around the ankles perceives the greatest pressure. Yet as we move up to the knee the tension is reduced, which then creates the perfect circulation of blood the blood and body fluids. The socks are super comfortable and made out of 'Moisture Wicking Fabrics', which regulate the temperature and feel cool even though the socks reach up to the knees.

What else can be done to get rid of excess fluids in your body?

DRINK! It seems intuitive that you should drink less, since you already have so much extra fluid in your body, but the opposite is true. By drinking enough water or decaffeinated tea, your kidneys work even better, meaning you will need to go to the toilet more often and thus get rid of that extra fluid as well.

REFRAIN from using foods high in natrium or salt, which are responsible for retaining extra water and fluids in your body.

MOVE and exercise. Having an active lifestyle is beneficial to everyone and so too when you’re pregnant. By exercising or moving around you stimulate your blood circulation, optimizing your body to shed more of that excess fluid.

MASSAGE! Massaging your legs from down to top literally pushes the excess fluids out of the body. As your limbs could feel rather sore though, its advised to gently rub the legs without exerting too much force.

Last but not least, besides that STOCKS will help you to get rid of those extra fluids, they also give support during your busy day at work or during your workout, like with our STOX Running Socks. In this way, you not only have less fluids in your body but you can also safely continue working out. This keeps you healthy and fit during your pregnancy, you feel mentally happy, and you have more strength when giving birth.

STOX // Work that pregnancy!

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