Why do I get fat feet while flying?

Many travelers suffer from it; stuffed feet or thick ankles. Your shoes pinch or your legs feel particularly restless. This is something that can turn your journey into a complete nightmare and is common in the car, train, but especially on the plane. In this blog, an explanation of the cause of thick ankles when traveling and a few useful tips on how to prevent them! Swollen ankles or feet when flying In principle, stuffed feet and thick ankles have a simple cause: too little exercise. Somehow this is not a big surprise because during a long flight or car ride you are in the same position for a long period of time. This has a negative effect on your blood circulation. In our blog about fat feet and ankles you will find a detailed explanation of how the circulation of your legs works and also the consequences of too little physical activity. Nevertheless, we will briefly explain it here. As you undoubtedly know, blood carries oxygen and building materials. As soon as the oxygen and building materials are absorbed into your muscles and tissues, the blood has to return to your heart. Normally, your calf muscles will help to pump the oxygen-depleted blood "back up" as they contract when you walk or run, for example. However, when you sit still for a longer period of time, your circulation does not get the support and necessary support from your calves and the heart has to try even harder to pump the blood back up. Incidentally, a pair of kinked knees do not help in this process either. As a result, moisture and waste products can remain behind and accumulate in the lowest places of the body, i.e. in the ankles and feet. How do I prevent thick ankles before and during my flight? 1. Wear comfortable and loose clothing It is best to avoid tight clothing and to wear loose and more comfortable clothes instead. By wearing tight clothing you can pinch your veins and the skin gets too little oxygen from the outside. You can prevent this by wearing slightly more spacious and breathable clothes. Let hip joggers paired with a pair of comfy sneakers now happen to be a major fashion trend. Great for the plane!

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