Learn All About Support Stockings! | Difference with compression stockings & more

Support stockings in everyday life Support stockings, compression stockings, thrombosis stockings - a multitude of terms that, in common parlance, mostly all stand for a product. Support stockings are usually meant. The difference to medical compression stockings is hardly known to most. In this article we therefore want to clarify and inform: What is the difference between support and compression stockings, what are support stockings for, what are their advantages, what can they help and who are particularly suitable for support stockings. Support stockings and compression stockings: the small but subtle difference Support stockings and compression stockings - two of the same type. However, the two types of stockings are not the same and do not have the same function. In order to understand the difference that makes the stumps, one has to consider the human blood circulation and the function of the leg veins. These are responsible for the blood being pumped back upwards, i.e. to the heart. This backflow of blood takes place with the help of the venous valves in the legs: these act like check valves and prevent the blood from sagging in the legs, since it can only be pumped in one direction. This normal removal of the blood can be disrupted for a number of reasons. Lack of movement, long standing or the typical office job with too much sitting work can lead to enormous stress on our venous system for many hours during the day. As a result, the calf muscle pump can no longer provide enough help to reflux the blood, the veins can expand, or the venous valves can fail completely. All of this can have an unpleasant impact on those affected: heavy legs, swelling, spider veins, varicose veins or open legs are some of the numerous consequences. In severe cases, thrombosis is also a complication.

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