Start running: these 10 tips will keep you going!

It doesn't matter if you have a size up, are extremely slim, young or old; running is a fun and good way to keep moving. You get a lot of energy from it, you release a good dose of (work) stress and it helps you to get or stay in shape. Sounds like a plan! But what if you don't have a sporty background and don't have a clue where to start? In this blog we help you to take your first steps confidently and consciously!

1. Focus

Tip: nowadays you already have a good sports watch for 100 euros with which you can measure your heart rate while running, for example. You also have useful running apps such as RunKeeper and Nike + with which you have a clear overview of your booked results.

2. Don't cut back on running shoes


3. And certainly not cut back on sportswear

Tip: do you want to keep your smartphone with you while running? There is a sports bracelet for every phone where you can place it. With this you always have your running app or favorite music at your fingertips!

4. Give your legs extra support

special running socks (also called compression socks or compression stockings). Just like running pants, these socks ensure that your lower legs get more support and better blood circulation. These socks also have a shock-absorbing effect, with which you can reduce injuries and muscle damage. Too often, preference is still given to regular, cotton sports socks. After all, these are nice and cheap and are easy to put on. The disadvantage of cotton running socks is that they give little to no support, they quickly slip out and they sink more and more during the run.


5. Start slowly and build it up slowly

TIP: STOX Energy Socks has compression socks that have been specially developed for runners. These give your legs more support and less chance of injuries. Want to know more about this? Then check out our webshop!

6. Warm-up / cool-down

Walk the first few sessions without music

The first few sessions without music is good, because you can pay more attention to your breathing during the loop., This is important for further training. Of course it is nice to run together, even in the beginning.

8. Listen to your body

9. Eat and sleep consciously

10. Stay positive

compression stockings from STOX do not help you any further. Are you trying to stay positive but do not help a heavy rain shower or a hard working day? A good playlist for running works wonders!

As you have read, good shoes, clothing, sports compression stockings, preparation and healthy living are extremely important.

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