How do you prevent tired legs?

A lot of people sometimes suffer from it; that particularly unpleasant feeling as if your legs are made of lead or feel restless (not to be confused with the so-called restless legs syndrome). This is very frustrating, especially in the workplace, because it sometimes makes it difficult to concentrate on your work; whether you work in the catering industry, in a clothing store or “just” in the office. In this blog an explanation of why you get tired legs but more importantly: how to get rid of it. Causes of tired legs Wearing very tight clothes Bad eating habits Drinking too little Being overweight Pregnancy Smoking Vascular problems Hereditary disorder; vascular diseases, vascular problems, poor blood circulation called thrombosis). A thrombosis leg means that a few veins in the leg become blocked by an accumulation of clotted blood, which overloads other veins. This condition can also lead to varicose veins.   TIP: Stox Energy Socks has crossfit socks that have been specially developed for sports. These give your legs more support, ensure better blood circulation and reduce the risk of varicose veins. Want to know more about this? Then check out our webshop! 10 Tips to prevent or combat tired legs during work 1. More exercise To improve the blood circulation in your legs, more exercise is necessary. Working out during working hours is unlikely to be an issue, but try to keep moving as much as possible. It is of course very easy to take the elevator or send a colleague an email because of a question or comment. Instead, take the stairs, approach a colleague to ask a question or make a cup of coffee for everyone. This keeps you moving throughout the day and prevents you from sitting or standing too long. 2. Take walking breaks. This is actually a continuation of our previous point, but it is certainly important! Take at least one break every working day by taking a breath of fresh air outside. You don't immediately have to run a half marathon, but a short and brisk walk ensures that your leg muscles warm up and the blood circulation starts again. Can you also immediately put your thoughts on something else or clear your mind!

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