No running, no training, have rest day

Today you can forget about fitness, heavy exercises and you can leave your running shoes in the closet. Today is your rest day. Avid sportsmen mostly don’t really feel like having one. Which it completely understandable, you’re just in that unstoppable flow and then suddenly you need to have a day off. Hell no!

But it is actually a very smart move to plan a rest day. We have told you that your muscles grow not during but between training sessions. Remember? This has to do with the cracks that arise in your muscles during fitness (or any other sport). How these cracks heal again has everything to do with how you feed your muscles. Do you give your body enough rest, do you eat enough protein and aren’t you training secretly anyway? If you stick to those points, you will see progress. Still stubborn? Then this can even work against your progress and that would be a waste of your hard work, right?

Recover during a rest day

STOX has developed the STOX Recovery Socks specially made for your rest day. These socks speed up the recovery process. They tremendously reduce muscle aches . How awesome is that? A little bit of muscle ache isn’t that bad and can even feel good, however when you can’t walk normally for two days straight it becomes quite annoying. What STOX compression socks do is reduce muscle fatigue and increase body waste disposal. This speeds up the recovery proces. STOX Recovery Socks also improve the drainage of blood and fluid, accelerating the recovery period of injuries such as tibia irritation, calf and achilles tendon problems.

The socks have an optimal effect when you combine them with the sport compression socks. The STOX running socks for example can be used for multiple sports. Running, ice skating, mountain biking, hockey, but also fitness or crossfit. The socks allow you to run that few extra kilometers and they push you just a that extra rep in the gym. They provide more energy, make you experience less muscle pain and muscle damage and the socks also ensure that you do not get sweaty legs thanks to the 'Moisture Wicking Fabrics'.


You've probably seen this tip thousand times before. It’s very simple, proteins will help you when you want to lose weight. Your body can’t effectively burn fat if it doesn't get any help from carbohydrates and proteins. Carbohydrates? But isn’t that one of the things that make you fat? No! This is a misconception believed by many people. It's important that you get both the right carbohydrates and proteins. Fast carbohydrates are in product that contains sugar, however they’re also in white bread, white pasta or, for example, white rice. That is why when you’re losing weight you should limit these fast carbohydrates as much as possible and increase the intake of proteins, slow carbohydrates and healthy fats. This combination stimulates fat burning while the muscles maintain their burned calories. You could say this is a win-win situation. Another big advantage of proteins is that they make you feel well stuffed. This makes it less likely for you to eat anything soon after you ate some food containing a bunch of protein. This tip doesn’t require training, but just rest. sitting on the couch with a large bowl of quark. Come on! Let's burn some fat!

Get the most out of your rest day

We really don’t ask you to do nothing at all during your rest day. Because that isn’t necessary! Jump on the exercise bike or cross trainer. Or just go out and take a walk or a ride a bike. We call this an 'active rest day'. Move at low intensity. This is really good for you during your rest day!

So, what does the ideal rest day look like? The bottom line is that you take good care of your muscles with compression socks and keep your blood circulation optimally. STOX develops compression socks for every moment of the day. Whether it concerns sports, recovery, travel or work. In addition, healthy eating and moving is super important. Doing nothing is boring anyway!

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