Must haves you need to pack when you’re going on holiday

We’ve made different categories, so that you keep a nice overview. It’s generally known that women pack suitcases twice as big as men, so not everything will apply to everyone.


Make sure you wear comfortable clothes while travelling. For example, you can wear STOX Travel Socks to arrive full of energy at your holiday destination. Besides the fact that they are super comfortable, they optimize the blood flows in your legs and provide maximum oxygen-capacity to the muscles, which prevents your feet from swelling. Also, the risk of traveler’s thrombosis on long flights is 18,75 times greater without wearing compression socks. It can be pretty chilly in airplanes, because of the air conditioning. STOX contain merino wool fibers to keep your feet warm. Don’t worry, you won’t get sweaty feet, because these are all-rounders that do exactly what you expect from them, whatever the season: they cool you down in summer, and warm you in winter.

Great, now you have clothes to travel in. But, of course you also need something to wear during your holiday. Important: swimwear! You don’t want to be in the situation that you can’t dive in the pool, sea or lake when you have arrived at your holiday accommodation. Also, make sure you pack enough shorts, shirts, but also jeans and a sweater in case it gets a bit cold and your flip flops and a pair of sneakers. For the sports enthusiasts among us, bring two pair of outfits (you never know if there’s a washing machine and in the worst case scenario you will have to wear the same clothes for a week), a pair of shoes and of course your STOX Running Socks and STOX Recovery Socks. The STOX® Energizing Flow decreases muscle fatigue and stimulates blood lactate removal, which enhances recovery. The Running Socks optimize the blood flow in your legs and provide maximum oxygen-capacity to the muscles. Experience energetic legs during your run or workout. Too warm for compression socks? The ‘Moisture Wicking Fabrics’ are more breathable than natural fabrics like cotton. It is the fastest drying fabric available and dries four times faster than cotton.

Excellent, now that your suitcase is almost overpacked we will quickly give you some other important stuff you don’t want to miss during your holiday.

Toiletry bag

Where women have huge toiletry bags, men only pack the most needy. Below a few of the most important toiletries you need to pack.

- Sunscreen/After Sun

- Showergel/shampoo/conditioner

- Deodorant/Parfum

- Hair brush/comb/elastics

- Razors/shaving foam

- Make-up

- Toothpaste

- Toothbrush

- Anti-mosquito cream(!!)


- Chargers! Phone, laptop, tablet, you name it. Please, don’t forget them, because we know you will be pissed off when you can’t charge your phone.

- Camera, to capture all your holiday adventures.

To go

Great, now your suitcase is full, you’re ready to go. Oh wait, almost! You can also cram up your hand luggage. Naturally with your passport, your wallet, your phone and of course your boarding pass. It’s nice to bring a good book and a nice snack to go, so that your happy holiday vibes won’t get in trouble because you’re hungry. We know that we’re not at our best when we’re hungry...

So now...we’re ready to go! Bon Voyage!

Have an energetic journey with STOX!’

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