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Want to run with your running stockings to the size of the finest tunes? Many runners swear by it. Listening to music while running not only helps you get in the mood, but also keeps you at an equal pace. Do you not yet have a good playlist for running or do you not want to put on a different album at each break? Whether you love Beyoncé or Bloc Party, with these Spotify playlists the miles will fly by! July 2016 Running Mix Runner's World is one of the largest online communities for runners, so it comes as no surprise that they have put together their own running playlists. Every month they create a new playlist that is full of the best running music. The nice thing about the Runner's World playlists is that you can expect a lot of different music genres; from Cheap Thrills (Sia) to Dancing in the Dark (Frank Sinatra). At first sight it may seem a strange combination, but it is nice to listen to! Source: Runner's World 2. Running Low Tempo (<140 BPM) shin splints! So if you have just started running, the Running Low Tempo playlist is highly recommended. With tracks like I Still Remember (Bloc Party) and Feel Good Inc. (Gorillaz) you can maintain a smooth running speed of 7 min / km. Also ideal if you have just recovered from an injury or want to get back in peace! Source: Spotify TIP: Are you a novice runner and can you use some good tips? Also read our blog about running tips for beginners! 3. Running Mid Tempo (> 140 BPM) Running Mid Tempoplaylist you will definitely increase the tempo and you will go towards a constant speed of 6 min / km. This playlist has a nice mix of raging rock records from Kings of Leon, rousing funk by Aloe Blacc and swinging dance tracks by Basement Jaxx. Yummy! Source: Spotify   4. Running High Tempo (170-180 BPM)

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