Prevent Injuries & Muscle Pain


"Sporty Hero on Socks. Si vous voulez parcourir plusieurs kilomètres, STOX est votre meilleur ami!

"Les bas à compression élevée ne sont généralement pas attrayants. Les chaussettes STOX Energy changent la donne!"

Our Bestselling Tubes

What does Paul say?

"Great Tubes! Really enjoy wearing them, even during the day for recovery after my workout"


How Does It Work?

  • Thanks to the compression effect of the tubes, sports injuries are prevented. The compression ensures that the muscles are supplied with new, oxygen-rich blood faster. This leads to a reduced risk of injuries.

  • Your muscle pain after a workout will be reduced as well. Muscle pain is often caused by fatiques muscles. Compression helps to supply your muscle with new oxygen-rich blood, which reduces muscle pain after your workout.

  • To prevent the tubes from causing a feeling during exercise, they are made of moisture-wicking materials. This way you have less problems with sweat legs during exercise.

30 days

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