In shape without a gym

When the weather is nice, going outside is always nice as well. But when there is some rainy weather, it's very easy to complain about it and make some excuses. But be honest, you have a lot of bad luck when it’s raining in that exact hour you want to work out. In that case you just go an hour earlier or later. For instance, you can go outside for a run in the nearest park or forest. Or go to an outdoor parking space or playground to work out. ‘Cause exercising outside is way better than that sweaty gym, right?! To make sure you won’t get tired legs during your run or workout or you want to decrease the chance of getting injuries, you can wear STOX Running Socks.

When it’s summer you might want to wear the Lightweight Running Socks. These socks contain ultra thin moisture wicking fabrics that balance the temperature in high heat situations to keep your feet nice and cool in the lightest way possible. A low-profile toe seam reduces irritation caused by rubbing.

Okay, great! Here you are with your happy face on and in your sporty outfit! But this personal trainer won’t fall from the sky. You’re alone. At least, in real life. There are countless of workout apps that can help you planning your perfect training. And let me tell you a little secret: some workout apps work with high intensity training programs that only last for half an hour or even 7 minutes. YES! Now that there aren’t any excuses left for not going to the gym, we will give you a few of our favorite workout apps.

7 minute workout challenge - This is the most sold app and it gets high ratings. You can check on a calendar which day you have been working out. You can also earn points to unlock rewards. And this last thing will work for all of us, don’t you think? Then you choose a male or female trainer and whether you want to see videos or only pictures. There’s also an option to fill in your weight, so that you can see if the 7-minute workouts have a positive effect on your body.

Freeletics Bodyweight - In this app you can choose a coach who will train you for a certain period. You train by means of your own bodyweight. In this app you can also choose to receive rewards. The workouts are a bit longer than 7 minutes, but the reviews are incredible. People achieve more than 3 years of working out in the gym. So, recommended! ;

Sworkit - A big advantage of this app is that you don’t have to pay for membership and it’s a free app. You can choose to do cardio, weights, or yoga workouts. Then, you have the option to do a full body, only the upper body or only the lower body workout. The videos show you what to do. ;

In case you still have bad luck and it’s pouring outside or there are other reasons not to go outside to exercise, you can always do these workouts inside your house. The only thing you need is a good yoga mat and a smashing outfit, so you can take a proud look in the mirror before and after your workout! Last tip is that it will help you setting fixed days to workout. Sounds weird, but if you’re determined to do some exercise on Tuesday and Thursday, it’s easier to put yourself to it. For more handy tips about this, read our blog about motivating tips to hit the gym after a long working day.

STOX is common sense!’

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