Important recovery tips for running

If you have completely drained yourself during a hard running workout, you naturally want to make sure that you recover as quickly as possible before the next run. Although running is a healthy and fun form of exercise, this effort causes damage to your leg muscles and joints. Don't worry because this is very normal. A common running mistake is to start the next workout again while the body is not fully recovered. This increases the chance of injuries such as a strained muscle or shin splint. To prevent this, we have 5 important recovery tips to get you ready for the next running training again!

1. Simmer down


2. Take plenty of rest

Release of growth hormone

Abort adenosine level


3. Better muscle recovery by means of compression socks

compression socks from Stoxje a hand during running training. These special socks provide much more support than normal socks and can postpone the feeling of tired legs. However, you also have compression socks for after running. STOX Energy has developed the Recovery Socks for men that provide a faster recovery time and reduce muscle fatigue. These socks are made of so-called "Moisture Wicking Fabrics" that can drain the moisture in your body (including waste materials) faster. In addition, this fabric dries 4 times faster than normal cotton socks. Even wearing the right socks can therefore have a lot of influence on your muscle recovery!


TIP: Got an injury while running? The Recovery Socks for women from STOX Energy also ensure that your legs recover faster from injuries such as shin splints!

4. Healthy food


Dairy (milk / cottage cheese)


peanut butter






5. Drink plenty of water

For best performance, it is important that you give your body enough time to recover from that strenuous effort. Do you have any good recovery tips or are you curious about how STOXje compression stockings can improve running performance?

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