Fit Bodies are made in Winter

A Fit Body like Fit Mind

As January has come to and end the majority of all new year’s resolutions have failed and been forgotten, and research tells us most people give up on day 13. But March is almost on our doorstep and it’s a common saying: ‘fit summer bodies are made in winter’. This doesn’t only mean having a fit body but being psychologically fit as well. We, at STOX will do anything to help you reach that goal, like with our most beloved STOX running socks. Thanks to the laboratorial compression technique the blood circulation in the legs and body is optimized, giving you more energy to run longer distances, with fewer injuries and less recovery time.

Did you know that when you openly share your good year’s resolutions before actually committing to them, chances are they will fail? The reason is that you find yourself receiving gratification from your surroundings for your positive attitude. This will diminish subsequent rewarding feelings when actually trying to commit to your goals. There goes your fit body!

Winter and Blue

Yet as winter unfolds and the rain and cold continues the threat of catching the winter blues is just around the corner. We start to feel on edge, perceive more stress, which in turn can dramatically increase our cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone linked to a faster aging process, exhaustion, increased deprivation of muscle tissue, insomnia and even obesity. Moreover, overexertion and low energy levels diminish the capacity to self control (and so, there goes all your good will).

So you wanna get Fit? Boost that Energy

How can we stay fit then? It often seems so easy! On the one hand we must eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, refrain from using alcohol and get enough sleep. On the other, to stay mentally fit it’s recommended to take time off and to do the things you enjoy, as well as taking time to relax. Do you want to know other tips on how to stay fit, and how to recover after a grueling workout, read this article on how to recover after an exhausting workout.

But with a busy career, buzzing social life and weekly family obligations staying fit may seem quite impossible to ever achieve. But no worries, to boost your energy level, prevent future injuries and help you to get fit by spring, STOX ENERGY gives you our medically designed compression socks. They help you to maintain enough energy during your morning runs, all the way through your working day, until late in the night when you’re partying with your friends. Our socks are scientifically proven to help you stay healthy.

STOX energy Socks optimize the blood circulation, generate the right balance of leg fluids and increase the waste disposal from your body and muscles. In turn you feel less fatigued during and after a workout. This helps to prevent back pains during your daily runs with STOX Running Socks, gives you more energy during your busy working day with STOX Work Socks and ensures fewer injuries during your skiing trips with STOX Ski Socks. Yet, most important of all: you feel mentally fit, you’re finally able to achieve all those goals you’ve set yourself and as February comes to an end, you feel confident that the spring of 2019 will be a good one.

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