For the first time on a winter sports holiday? These are the must-haves!

1. Ski clothing This is actually a no-brainer. For good preparation, there is nothing more important than good ski clothing. Still, this is the most common beginner mistake. Especially beginners do not always want to spend hundreds of euros on a good ski suit and get on the slopes in their jeans. Believe us, it happens all too often. Also believe us when we say that these people will unlearn it very quickly. After one fall, your pants are completely covered in snow and before you know it your legs have turned into two icicles. So make sure you wear ski clothes that are not only comfortable, but are also sturdy, water-repellent and windproof. 2. Gloves Gloves are also very important to have with you. Moreover, it is still very dangerous if you go on the slopes without protection on your hands! These must also be able to take a beating and be water-repellent and windproof. Are you going to snowboard? Then make sure you buy gloves where the fingertips have extra protection (made of rubber or an extra layer of textile). Snowboarders will regularly touch the snow with their fingertips when cornering, so if you buy normal ski gloves, chances are you can throw them out after a week. A waste of money of course!

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