Leg pain during rest? This is how you recover quickly after a workout

Those days when you give that little bit extra during your running training. Because you slept well or train with a nice group. It can depend on many different factors, which is why you have that extra energy to put into your training. This also applies to your recovery. How quickly you recover has everything to do with how healthy you live. And we don't just mean that you get enough fruit and vegetables, but we mean your whole condition. Only then will you achieve a quick recovery. Rest makes you recover faster Sounds easy, but for many of you this still seems quite tricky. If you have had that wonderful training, you would prefer to start your next training as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this is a major mistake made by many. Your resting phase is super important, because in this phase the muscle tears that were made during your training recover. Your muscle cells are damaged and without adequate rest, they simply will not be repaired. Have a nice evening on the couch, put on your STOX Recovery Socks and recover! The Recovery Socks contain degressive compression which ensures that your blood circulation is optimal.

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