Feel more energized during your working day

The first and pretty obvious one is that you have a good night sleep. Go to bed on time, so you have enough hours to sleep and you’re recharged the next day. Sleep is incredibly important to clear your mind. Without sleep you’re not creative, you’re restless, you can’t handle any cause of stress, you’re tired and thus anything but productive. Averagely you need 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. Of course this depends per person, but only 8% of adults functions good on less than 6 hours of sleep a night. It will also help you to get up half an hour earlier than normal. So you can read the newspaper with a cup of coffee for example. In this way you have a moment of rest before you leave the house in the morning. It’s scientifically proven that this even makes you a happier person!

You could also guess the second one. Exercising! Not everybody is a big fan of this one. But it’s so incredibly important getting enough exercise. Whether you have a standing or seated occupation, exercising is essential. Working out, going to work by bike instead of the car, but also an evening walk will help you to be more productive during the day. It even appears to work better than coffee! Thanks to exercising you create new cells and connections in the brain and it optimizes your blood circulation. Besides, it discourages cognitive decline and it decreases the chance of brain disorders. Try to exercise at least half an hour a day. Our advice: wear STOX Running Socks during your workout. They energize your legs by optimizing the blood flow and provide maximum oxygen-capacity to the muscles. When you go out for a walk we advice you to wear STOX Work Socks. The compression of these socks is divided differently, so you won’t get tired legs. In this way it will be a lot easier to exercise, so you will have more fun!

They say prolonged sitting is as bad as smoking. Sounds heavy, we know! But, when you’re too long in the same position (same as prolonged standing) it’s really unhealthy for your body. And by this we mean the inactivity of the body. When you sit or stand for long hours during work, your body reacts less on the hormone ‘insulin’. The result is that your body produces more insulin, but this extra insulin is not being used. The chance on obesity is getting bigger, but also troublesome conditions like overweight, depression or a high blood pressure. Because of inactivity and gravity, blood and fluid flow to the feet. Due to the graduated compression, STOX Work Socks help to let it flow upwards again. The highest pressure (compression) is at the ankle and gradually decreases until it finally performs the least pressure just under the knee, causing blood to be "pushed" back up. In this way you will be more productive during your working day. Also, try to alternate between sitting and standing. And ladies, don’t sit with one leg over the other! We’re not even going to talk about how bad this is for your body… Just don’t do it!

Last but not least: Move your work to another workspace. You can go to the office every day, but it’s proven that when you work somewhere else you’ll perform better. Another workspace gives you energy and makes you sharp and creative. Keep in mind that when you go to a nice coffeehouse, you don’t go to your favorite place. Keep your professional and personal life separated. Needless to say, but make sure you have an ergonomic workspace. It’s important to have a proper posture. And rather take short breaks than one long break.

Now we gave you some physical advice on how to be more productive during your working day. Besides these there are a lot of mental things you can work on to become more productive. Such as saying ‘no’ more often, by setting priorities and above all: to enjoy your work!

‘Master your day with STOX!’

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