How to appear full of energy at work every day

You've had a great weekend, but now it's time to start your new week again. Over and over again you wander off to all those great moments you had on Saturday and Sunday. Lovely! But also quite disturbing. How on earth will you get your concentration back and more importantly, your energy?! One consolation: a lot of people have start-up problems on Monday morning. Use the following habits in your daily life and appear full of energy at work everyday!

Living healthy is the key to start your week full of energy


Unfortunatety, there are still many people who don't eat breakfast. "I can't eat when I just woke up!" That may be true, but breaktfast is really important. Your car also won't drive if the tank is empty. Food is the most important energy source for your body. Especially carbohydrates ensure that your memory works optimally and that you're fully focused.

Move it!

Exercise provides increased concentrations of the substance BDNF (brain-derived neurothophic factor). This substance stimulates the production and growth of brain cells, especially in the hippocampus, as we call it. This brain area is essential for learning and creating new memories. It has also been demonstrated that there is more BDNF in the blood after a workout. This indicates that exercising immediately provides a memory boost and you're also full of energy throughout your workday. There are numerous reasons and excuses to skip a workout. An injury, aches, sport clothes that are in the washing machine, it's too cold or hot outside. But as you can read above, there are also very good reasons to not skip a workout. And we have another one for you. And that is STOX. STOX ensures, thanks to the medically-justified compression technique, that the legs are pinched together, as it were, stimulating blood ciculation and oxygen supply in an upward direction. This means that they prevent injuries both during and after a sport performance and the temperature-regulating materials ensure that your feet are not too cold, but also not too sweaty. In addition, the cool design matches your style. So, do you still have a good reason not to exercise?

Sleep tight don't let the bedbugs bite

By keeping a constant sleep rhythm, your body knows when it's time to go to bed. It's true that one needs a lot of sleep and the other is full of energy when he or she has only slept for a couple of hours. You need to discover for yourself how many hours of sleep you need. When you're healthy it's obviously the intention that you wake up well rested after a night's sleep. If you're not, then you need more sleep. Try to go to bed an hour earlier. This will make you more creative, more focused and more energetic. In addition it also has benefits such as nicer skin, better blood pressure, less chance of stress and heart disease and it acts anti-inflammatory. So go to bed on time!


Researchers, including the University of Cherster (UK), analyzed previous studies on this topic. This concerned population studies in the United States and Canada, as well as studies of the health effects on subjects who started to move more. There isn't really enough research done yet, but the researchers say that the evidence is strong enough to say that two hours of light movement during office hours is very good for you! This will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and forms of cancer. Standing professions will get two hours of light movement very easily, but because you work standing up all day, the blood and fluid in your legs flows to your ankles because of gravity. Because of this, you can experience tired or even painful legs. STOX Work Socks prevent swollen ankles and provide you with the perfect support when standing all day. Because of this, you will keep your energy all day and you'll be more productive.

Music during work

Our concentration decreases over the course of the day. The well-known afternoon dip. Not everyone 'suffers' from this. This has to do with your bloodsugar level. The more it fluctuates, the more often you'll have an afternoon dip. But why is that afternoon dip always around three o'clock? Well, in the morning our body can still hold on to the reserves. Around three o'clock the peak is reached and the energy drops. You become tired and it's the umpteenth eating moment. The body must restore that high blood sugar level once again. It's the timing of the day.

Besides a fluctuating blood sugar level, external stimuli can also cause you a dip. Your brain needs a boost to become energetic again. But how? Music! When sounds enter your brain through your ears, they first go to the brainstem. In the brainstem the substance 'serotine' is created. Better known as a feel-good substance. Because of the production of this material, among other things, you become focused and energetic again.


The proof isn't really solid yet, but by fiddling with a paper clip, clicking with a pen or drawing figures in the margin of your notes, your concentration improves. When you have to stay alert and concentrated, you can get bored quite easily. If we make a movement that we don't have to think about, you can stay focused much easier. So you aren't crazy when your notebook looks like a happy coloring page. This is very good! So just keep doing it!

I think that you have enough tools to ensure that you stay away from dips, listlessness and distractions. You are ready to energetically start your work week!

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