Training for the Dam to Dam run

Tip 1 – Warming up

Here you are. In your best outfit, your favorite shoes and ready to rock those 16.09 kilometers. You take a last look at your bib number. When you look up you see a group of women jumping up and down on a stage in front of you. They ask you to join...Hell no! That’s embarrassing! Well, no. It’s not. Always make sure you’ve had a good warming up before you start to run. This prevents the chance to increase injuries. So join that warming up!

Tip 2 - Don’t start too fast

We get that you become overenthusiastic and think you have to make a start like Usain Bolt. Just don’t. You will face yourself in the last few kilometers and it will be very hard to make a good finish.

Tip 3 – Enjoy!

This is the 33rd edition of the Dam to Dam run. 50.000 runners will attend and you may run through the IJtunnel. How often does this occur?! Never. The ambiance at the Dam to Dam run is incredible. People offer you cups of water along the side of the road, every few hundred meters there are music bands and dj’s and the best of all, so many people scream your name that you have to keep running till you finish.

Your training schedule for the upcoming weeks (beginner)

You got 10 more weeks to train. Try to run three times a week. For instance, you can run a shorter distance on Monday, take a rest day on Tuesday, Wednesday you run a short distance again, Thursday you take a rest day and in the weekend you go for a longer distance after a good night of sleep. Every week you add an extra kilometer, so within 10 weeks you’re ready to join the Dam to Dam run!

Week 1: Mon 10 mins of jogging, Wed 10 mins of jogging, Weekend 3 km running

Week 2: Mon 10 mins of jogging, Wed 10 mins jogging, weekend 4 km running

Week 3: Mon 20 mins of jogging, Wed 20 mins of jogging, weekend 5 km running

Week 4: Mon 4 km, Wed 5 km, weekend 6 km

Week 5: Mon 4 km, Wed 5 km, weekend 7 km

Week 6: Mon 5 km, Wed 5 km, weekend 8 km

Week 7: Mon 5 km, Wed 5 km, weekend 9 km

Week 8: Mon 7 km, Wed 7 km, weekend 10 km

Week 9: Mon 7 km, Wed 7 km, weekend 11 km

Week 10: Mon 7 km, Wed 8 km, weekend 12 km

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