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    Chaussettes de voyage. Evitez les pieds enflés pendant votre vol. La laine Mérinos que nous utilisons dans nos chaussettes de voyage régule votre température, afin que vous n’ayez ni chaud ni froid aux pieds pendant votre voyage. Compression: 22-28 mmHg

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    • Traveling the world is fantastic, but can be tiring and can cause great discomfort.It doesn’t have to be that way! Various scientific studies have shown that wearing compression socks greatly reduces the risk of thrombosis during a (long) flight. With the enormous growth in the number of airline passengers, the number of passengers experiencing possible inconveniences of frequent flying is also increasing. The most common complaint is swollen feet and ankles after a flight. Here too STOX Energy Socks offers a solution with their Travel collection. The compression technique ensures continuous and better blood flow and this means that swollen feet are a thing of the past.

    • Our team of vascular surgeons and textiles engineers, have designed the perfect medical sock. High design, perfect fit and use of high tech materials. The graduated compression will push blood and fluids upwards and will stimulate the blood flow in your legs. The result is that toxins are removed quicker from the legs and the legs are provided with 'new', oxygen-rich blood more easily.

    • Less Swollen Feet STOX® Travel Socks optimize the blood flows in your legs and provide maximum oxygen-capacity to the muscles, which prevents your feet of swelling.

      Prevents travelers thrombosis The risk of traveler’s thrombosis on long flights is 18.75 times greater without wearing compression socks like the STOX Travel Socks.*

      Moistens and nourishes the skin The important ingredients of Milk Fiber are milk casein proteins, which are PH-neutral and can therefore nourish and lubricate the skin.

      Temperatue regulating Merino Wool fibers are all-rounders that do exactly what you expect from them, whatever the season: they cool you down in summer, and warm you in winter.

      No more discomfort during your flight Airline passengers have an increased risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). According to several studies, the risk of thrombosis is substantially increased by long air travel. Who flies longer than 4 hours, runs a higher risk on travelers thrombosis. Not only flying, but traveling too many hours by bus, train or car increases this risk as well.

      A study of Clarke and Hopewell (2007) shows that compression socks like the Travel Socks results in a very large reduction in symptoms of DVT among airline passengers who wore Travel Socks than those not wearing Travel Socks. The passengers wearing Travel Socks also experienced less sore and swollen legs (edema) than those who were not wearing Travel Socks.

    • Because we are so extremely confident you love the STOX Travel Socks, you can just try them for 30 days. Not satisfied? No worries! Just send them back within 30 days after purchase and we’ll refund you the money!

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