Still in a winter dip? With these tips you can master the winter blues!

1. Feel good music It is quite known that music has a great impact on our mood. For example, when you listen to cheerful, uplifting music, hormones are released that give you a cheerful feeling. When you listen to gloomy music, which can be the case when you are not feeling well (read: winter dip), hormones are released that give the opposite effect. So make it a habit to listen to cheerful music as much as possible and especially songs with good memories. Maybe that one reggae playlist you like to put on during the hot summer days? Or the new album by that one artist who recently gave a super performance in front of you? 2. Staying active is key Photo source: STOX Energy You probably wonder, "Why am I so tired? I hardly did anything today! ” That is precisely the problem. After all, people are not made to sit still all day. It is therefore even more important to keep moving during the harsh winter months. After all, it is very tempting to sit down on the couch after a long day at work, turn up the heat and open your laptop for yet another Netflix session. Believe us, we know all about it. So gather every gram of discipline and go in for a workout after a long day at work. After all, it has been proven that people who exercise regularly are happier than people who exercise little or not at all. Extra tip: Running is a very accessible sport that literally everyone can start. If you need some great tips to take your first steps, don't hesitate to read our blog about running tips for beginners!

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