Aging diabetes - not only dangerous in old age

Aging diabetes - a disease that, despite its harmless-sounding colloquial term as "diabetes", is by no means harmless and affects more and more people. But what exactly makes aging diabetes known as metabolic disease so dangerous and how can you reduce your risk of developing it?

The spread of adult diabetes has accelerated rapidly in Germany and worldwide, so it is not surprising that the diagnosis is being made more and more frequently. Across Germany, more than 8 million people suffer from diabetes mellitus. According to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), more than 425 million people worldwide have diabetes and the forecast for the coming years looks bleak: by 2045, this number is expected to increase to 700 million people. This is also the reason why the United Nations has declared diabetes to be a global threat, although the disease is the first of its kind that is not an infection.

This article is intended to inform about the development of diabetes and to show what symptoms make it up and how prevention is possible. Get an overview of the causes and treatment options, the latest research and prognoses of the disease.

What exactly is diabetes?
The Greek term diabetes mellitus stands for "honey-sweet flow" and thus denotes the well-known chronic metabolic disorder. This is characterized by the impaired sugar uptake in the body cells and the associated and permanent increase in the blood sugar level. The excessively high proportion of sugar in the blood is partly excreted in the urine of those affected. The sickly smell of her urine was therefore used to diagnose the disease before the time of blood tests and laboratories.

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