These are the 5 team sports that run the most!

5. American Football (2 km) You've probably seen an American Football game on TV and if not, you've probably seen a clip from the Super Bowl. At first glance, it seems that the players are constantly running from one side of the field to the other, thus driving a lot of kilometers. Nothing is less true. According to this study, an average 60 minute American Football match has only 11 minutes of playing time. 11 minutes! The remaining time is spent on commercial breaks and reruns on television. Sounds little, but if you add up the distance of all players and calculate the average walking distance, you end up at about 2 kilometers. With an average playing time of 11 minutes, that is quite a lot, especially when you consider that most players are heavier than 100 kilos! 4. Basketball (4.5 km) Since 2012, SportVU has been used in the basketball world; a modern technique with which the movement of each individual player can be mapped. This showed that the average walking distance of a basketball team is 4.5 kilometers. Basketball player Jimmy Butler (Chicago Bulls) covered the greatest distance in the 2014 season and ran an average of 4.98 kilometers per game. Fun fact: The NBA is one of the world's largest basketball leagues, with each team playing as many as 82 games. If you add the average walking distance of a basketball player and multiplied by 82, you end up with 408 kilometers. On average, a basketball player runs almost 10 marathons during the entire competition! TIP: Do you also practice a team sport such as basketball, tennis or football? Then try playing a match (or training) with sports socks from STOX Energy. These compression socks make your legs less tired and give your legs constant energy. In addition, muscle damage and the risk of injuries is significantly reduced!

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