Exercise again? With these 10 motivational tips you will go for it again!

1. Document your progress Every time you have stepped out the door to burn yourself in the gym or go for a run you need to chart. Take a picture of yourself after each workout and place it in a photo album. Even better: hang the pictures on a wall. This gives you a quicker idea of ​​your results, which makes training even more fun! Of course you don't have to post everything on Instagram or Facebook. As long as you can keep it to yourself and check every improvement. It is also nice to see how many kilometers you have walked in the past. Tip: try our compression socks while running. 2. Find a soul mate 3. Treat yourself Draw up a plan for yourself every time you have been allowed to reward yourself. After all, every session on the road or in the gym is a win and that is at least a pat on the back. If you absolutely love a series on Netflix, reward yourself by watching an extra episode after every workout. Or prepare your favorite (and protein-rich) meal as a reward. That way you can keep the fun going all the more, if you can keep yourself from watching all episodes in a row ... 4. Keep it fun Exercise is tough, especially if you want to make constant progress. It is far from easy and there are plenty of people who do not like sports at all. Remember: the more results you get, the more fun it gets! Of course you can make the session a lot more enjoyable by grabbing your favorite music or listening to a good podcast / audiobook. Are you on the treadmill at the gym? Then use our compression stockings and put on earplugs so that you can not be disturbed with less fine songs that you hear on the radio. Before you know it you are an hour further! TIP: Need cool running music? Check out our blog about the best running playlists of 2017!

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