Work Pantyhose 2.0


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  • Smart fatigue prevention
  • Ultimate innovative material
  • Ladder-resistant
  • Comfortable feeling and uniform appearance
  • 100% Made in Italy

Compressie:18-22 mmHg

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Engineered medical compression

Legs are tightly squeezed and therefore stimulating blood circulation and oxygen flow in an upward direction, preventing varicose veins, swollen, tired & aching legs. Ideal if you stand or sit for hours on end. Enjoy the perks of this medically justified technique!


Smart fatigue prevention

Choose greater comfort at work and feel confident! By preventing tired and swollen legs chances are high you’ll feel more productive and stay fuelled up with energy.


Highly innovative materials

The STOX Panty range is made with high-quality double covered Lycra 3D. The special features make the pantyhose particularly elastic and expandable. It offers the advantage of feeling great comfort, and enhanced freedom of movement thanks to a more consistent level of compression over a range of body movements.


Perfect resistant and transparent pantyhose

Ladder resistant allowing you to get through your workday and evening program without the need to change your pantyhose. And yes it is possible: this pantyhose is 140 Denier but looks like 40!

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