How do I wear stockings? | 21 Tips for wearing stockings

How do I wear compression stockings? First of all, it can be difficult to put on a pair of compression stockings. With practice, however, you can find out what works for you. Here are some tips: Before you put them on • Wash new stockings by hand after purchase. This makes them more flexible and easier to put on. Consider buying a second pair if you can afford it. This way, you have a clean pair to wear while washing the other. • Put a bandage on an open wound before putting on the compression stockings. • Keep your stockings on the bed so that you can put them on when you get up for the first time. To put them on • Do it early in the morning when you have the least swelling in your legs. • Sit on a chair with a backrest. This gives you something to lean on when you put on the stockings. • Hold the top of the stocking with one hand. Then reach into the stocking with your other hand and push your arm all the way in until you can reach the end and grab your toe. • When you have a firm grip on your toe, pull your hand back through the stocking, turn it over, keeping your fingertips in the top of the stocking. • Put your toes in the tip of the stocking and gently roll it over the heel. Then use your fingertips or palms to slowly roll the stocking up and push it all the way up. • Be careful not to pull on the top of the stocking, as it can tear. If you have any problems • If necessary, wear rubber gloves to better grip the fabric.

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