Why wear compression stockings?

The main reasons why you should wear support stockings

Health and well-being are things that we are all concerned with. We are pretty sure that this applies to you too and after you have read below you will also know how useful it is to wear support stockings.

When we examine further why people wear compression stockings, we actually find two groups of support stockings carriers. A group of individuals proactively carry this as a preventive care measure to keep their legs healthy for as long as possible. The other group, perhaps because of their family history or other circumstances, is not so happy with the health of their legs. They have already experienced symptoms or symptoms, such as varicose veins and / or swelling. Both groups may be advised by their physician to wear support stockings to help alleviate the often painful indications of such venous or lymphatic conditions.

Why you should wear support stockings for preventive reasons

Here are the main reasons and situations why you should consider wearing preventive compression stockings:

Support stockings for preventive reasons:

Pregnancy . During the pregnancy, the growing baby puts more pressure on the female body and her blood circulation system. As a result of increasing pressure, her veins can expand and work less efficiently. To reduce stress on the body, your doctor may suggest that you wear support stockings with degressive compression. These can remedy a variety of discomforts and problems such as swelling, leg pain or cramps, varicose veins or even more serious conditions such as deep vein thrombosis (blood clots).

Long trips . If you are traveling by plane, train, bus or car where you sit in a sitting position for many hours, there may be an increased risk of developing DVT (blood clots), the so-called "economy-class syndrome". Controlled studies have shown that wearing stockings can effectively prevent or reduce the risk of DVT during long journeys in small spaces.

Athletes and sports enthusiasts . Support stockings occur in a large number of sports. These stockings have been shown to improve performance through increased blood circulation. They reduce muscle fatigue and potential muscle damage.

In general, good preventive support can be achieved by compression stockings with a compression pressure of 15-20 mmHg.

Why you should wear support stockings for existing complaints

Here are the main reasons and situations why you should consider wearing support stockings to reduce existing symptoms:

Support stockings for existing complaints:

Varicose veins and spider veins . Support stockings ensure that the diameter of weakened and enlarged blood vessels are brought back to normal levels, making it a better blood circulation back to the heart.

Chronic venous problems or venous insufficiency. These may be minor problems, such as painful, heavily feeling legs, dilated veins, or more serious problems, such as changes in skin color, rash on the legs, swelling, skin infections and ulcers. Support stockings, which are available in different pressure classes, can improve blood circulation.

Diabetes . If you are a diabetic patient, it may be necessary to wear diabetes socks on the advice of your doctor. These special foot covers are designed to exert only minimal compression and allow maximum blood circulation. They are made of breathable materials to remove moisture, dissipate heat and prevent or reduce swelling of the feet.

Knee osteoarthritis . Support stockings are one of the most recommended products by physiotherapists to reduce pain and speed up the healing process.

Decressive support stockings can help alleviate many of the symptoms described above. In most cases support stockings are needed with a degressive compression of 20mmHg or higher, depending on the type and severity of the condition. If desired, you can consult with your doctor first to assess your situation to ensure that you purchase the support stock from the right pressure class. Click here for an overview of the most frequently asked questions