When to wear & how long compression stockings? [2022 Update]

What do compression stockings actually do?

The eye naturally wants something, but first let's find out why compression socks are so useful. That is not entirely unimportant before you place a pair in your digital shopping basket. Compression stockings are stockings or socks specially developed for your lower legs. They contain a decreasing pressure curve from the ankle to the knee, which leads to many benefits. The socks, for example, cause smoother circulation. The cells in your muscles get more oxygen and in this way the waste in your blood can be removed better.

So you can actually see the compression stocking as a kind of personal assistant. The stocking assists your heart, so it doesn't have to work as hard to pump blood through your body. For example, the sock prevents acidification and cramps during exercise, and it even reduces the risk of injuries. A life without injuries is quite pleasant.

Sounds interesting, but do I need it?

Of course, we do not recommend wearing compression stockings 24/7, but the stocking is very useful during sports or travel, for example. You can benefit greatly from the stocking thanks to the above-mentioned effect. Because waste and carbon dioxide are better removed, recovery after exercise is promoted. In addition, there is less chance of scarring because the supporting effect of the socks reduces the blow of the feet coming down. In almost every sport, pressure is applied to the lower legs and that is why the stocking is recommended for almost every sportsman. All in all, the compression socks ensure less muscle pain, fewer calf complaints and a reduced risk of tibial injuries. The compression stocking brings a lot of pre's!

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So compression stockings are not only useful for running?

No! In fact, the compression stocking can be useful in practicing many sports. There are countless professional athletes who have confirmed the operation of compression stockings, they don't even leave home without it. And those aren't just runners. Lower leg complaints, for example, also occur in sports such as athletics, because the legs are often turned and there is a lot of running. We have developed running socks for this. But don't forget that you are constantly sprinting across the field in team sports such as hockey and football. You can imagine that that gives a lot of ballast to the lower legs. And what about the fanatic skater or skater? The repeated movement you make when skating and skating demands a lot from your legs. The compression stocking offers welcome support.

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But aren't compression stockings super expensive?

Compression socks can increase in price, but luckily STOX sells very affordable ones! And let's be honest, isn't it very important to be careful with your body? We think so! That is also the reason that the frequent athlete does not purchase plastic sneakers of a few euros. But also why a cyclist thinks it is important to invest in a good bike. Compression socks are first and foremost affordable, they also last a long time and you protect your body against injuries and lower leg complaints. It is more than worth spending!

Okay, I'm convinced! Which socks should I purchase?

There are many different types of compression stockings. They are there for medical purposes and for complaints due to long sitting while traveling. But they are also there as a sports aid. As you have noticed, in this blog we focus primarily on the different sports compression stockings.

Which stocking is suitable for you, naturally depends on the sport you practice. Are you running a lot, for example as a runner, walker or hockey player? Then choose a pair of these compression stockings.

If you feel that you have asked too much of your body just after your cross fit workout and that unbearable muscle pain is coming, make sure you have a pair of Cross Fit socks within reach. Then you will get through a lot better the following days!

How long do I have to wear compression stockings?

This depends on what you want to use compression stockings for.

You therefore wear compression stockings during sports and flying during your sport sessions and flights.

But, compression stockings for reducing and preventing ailment such as varicose veins and thrombosis, you will have to wear all day.

Probably for a long time.

The most important thing is that you only wear compression stockings during the day and take off when you go to sleep. At night, the pressure in the arteries is lower than during the day (when you are standing). The pressure that then comes off the compression stocking can then become too high and impede blood flow.

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