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Travel Socks Men

Hightech compression - Made in Italy

  • Reduce the risk of traveler's thrombosis

  • Prevent swollen feet and restless legs

  • Arrive fit at your destination

Color: Navy / Blue

Shoe Size Calf Girth
M1 40-44 32-38 cm
M2 43-47 39-44 cm
M3 46-49 45-50 cm
  • M1 fits EU shoe sizes 40-43, with a calf width of 32-38 cm.
  • M2 fits EU shoe sizes 43-47, with a calf width of 39-44 cm.
  • M3 fits EU shoe sizes 46-49, with a calf width of 45-50 cm.

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Hightech compression - Made in Italy

  • Reduce the risk of traveler's thrombosis

  • Prevent swollen feet and restless legs

  • Arrive fit at your destination

  • 23-32 mmHg graduated compression (class 2). Medically approved. Tested by Swiss Swisslatic AG devices. Learn more about our technology

    • Temperature regulating merino wool, reinforced toe & heel part, seamless toe

    • 48 % Merino Wool + 41 % Polyamide + 11% Elastane

    • Wash at a maximum temperature of 30° without fabric softener, do not tumble dry

  • A research amongst travellers wearing compression socks during a 5-hour flight resulted in 60 % experiencing less pain, 45 % experiencing less swelling, 50 % experiencing a more comfortable feeling in their legs and 18 % state to feel more energetic and focussed.

    (Hagan, Randomized crossover study of low-ankle-pressure graduated-compression tights in reducing flight-induces ankle edema, 2008)

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After a 5-hour flight, 60% of travelers wearing compression socks experience less pain & less swollen legs and feet

22-28 mmHg
Milk Viscose 55% + Wool 20% + Polyamide 14% + Elastane 11%
  • STOX Travel Socks provide optimal blood circulation and maximum oxygen capacity to the leg muscles. This prevents the swelling of your feet.

  • The Travel Socks work preventively against traveler's thrombosis. The risk of traveler's thrombosis on long flights is 18.75 times smaller when wearing compression socks.

  • Thanks to the temperature-regulating Merino Wool, your feet stay warm during a flight. Ideal, because it can become very cold in the plane!

  • Our team of vascular surgeons and textile engineers has designed the perfect medical sock. High design, perfect fit and use of high tech materials. The graduated compression will push blood and fluids upwards and will stimulate the blood flow in your legs. The result is that toxins are removed quicker from the legs and the legs are provided with 'new', oxygen-rich blood more easily.

  • The positive effect of compression stockings has been researched and proven in at least 18 different scientific studies. Also, we have over 40,000 customers who rate us 4.8 / 5! If you are not sure, you can return your purchase at any time after 30 days.




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