With these 7 tips you will find the perfect golf trip

Are you going alone? With the family or with a large group? Nowadays there are beautiful jobs everywhere where you can enjoy a week or longer. To Curaçao or South Africa or maybe you look closer to home and go on a trip to France or Germany. Enough choice in any case! Due to the enormous range it can be difficult to book the ideal holiday. That's why we give you a hand by giving you 7 tips for the perfect golf trip. How long do you want to go on a golf trip? It's an open door, but this is where it starts. If you are going for 2 nights, you are obviously looking for something close to home. If you go 4 days or longer, you can actually go anywhere. We already see that travelers to popular golf destinations such as Portugal, Spain and Turkey often opt for an 8-day stay. Do you sometimes suffer from stuffed ankles or tired legs during or after traveling? STOX Travel Socks offer you the solution. They improve the flow of blood back to the heart. The compression technique used has a preventive effect against traveler thrombosis and ensures less performance loss the next day. Ideal for when you have to sit in the plane or car for hours. Determine your budget Your budget is not everything, but certainly important. You can already book a wonderful golf holiday for less than € 200. Between our golf travel offers and last minutes you will also find golf trips to the most beautiful sunny resorts for an attractive price. The budget also determines which types of golfing holidays you can choose from. Determine the type of golf vacation You can choose from many types of golf holidays. Do you want to (better) learn to play golf while traveling? Then one of our clinic trips might be something for you. Do you want to combine golf with a beach holiday? That is of course also possible. You can also choose 100% golf in a hotel on a golf course. There are many possibilities. Determine your travel group At Golftime you will find special golf trips for singles to large groups. So anything is possible. Most tour groups consist of 2 to 6 people. Your travel companions may have been on a golf trip before and would like to discover something new. It is also always good to ask other golfers where they have been and how they like it. What type of job do you like? On our site you can find many beautiful golf courses. All golf courses also have a rating given by golfers who have played the course. So you can get the jobs with the highest numbers out, but this does not say everything. It also remains partly a matter of taste. For example, do you prefer left courses or forest tracks? Lovers of left golf should definitely check out golf trips to Ireland and Scotland.

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