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Compression socks designed for the smart tennis player. Experience fewer tennis injuries, muscle aches & tired legs.

Made from high-tech, moisture-repellent materials. In collaboration with the KNLTB.

Official socks supplier of the Royal Dutch Tennis Federation
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  • Playing tennis means moving around the court fast and in different ways. STOX Tennis Socks will provide you with extra support during the game! Matches can last for hours and hours, causing blood and fluids to stay in the bottom of your legs. This can result in heavy and sore legs. Wearing STOX Tennis SOCKS with graduated compression integrated, you will experience a different feeling! No more heavy legs, longer endurance and better performance! Our users experience a quicker recovery afterwards.

  • Our team of vascular surgeons and textiles engineers have designed the perfect medical sock. High design, perfect fit and use of high tech materials. The graduated compression will push blood and fluids upwards and will stimulate the blood flow in your legs. The result is that toxins are removed quicker from the legs and the legs are provided with 'new', oxygen-rich blood more easily.

    As toxins cause muscle acidification and tiredness, your legs will acidify less during your tennis game. This means more energized legs during the workout, less muscle pain and soreness the next day.

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