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The STOX Technology

STOX Energy Socks are high performance socks that stimulate blood circulation and optimize the oxygen-capacity of your muscles. Waste fluids will be distributed from your legs faster, resulting in a fitter and more vital feeling!
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It is our mission at STOX to support you and to help you stay fit & healthy. With our product we combine our two passions: design and health-technology.

By implementing the proven medical technology of graduated compression in our STOX Socks, the blood circulation in your legs will be stimulated. The high, graduated pressure gives you support and will prevent you from having ‘heavy’, sore or swollen legs and feet. Because we have an eye for your looks and your comfort, we transformed this medical product into a fashionable and comfortable one.


Our medical board and our textiles engineers combine the finest materials and production technology to assure the highest standard possible.

STOX Energy Socks are made on the latest advanced medical machines to ensure the correct pressure gradient and to guarantee the highest quality. The implementation of the graduated compression is made possible because the machines use the so-called 'circular-knitting technique'.

  • Together with a team of vascular surgeons the correct graduated compression is implemented in all STOX Energy Socks, achieving the right results. The compression and the pressure gradient are very accurately tested by the Swiss compression testing machines of the Salzmann Group. The test equipment of the Salzmann Group is internationally recognized as the most accurate compression pressure measurement system.

  • STOX Energy Socks are made of the most innovative and high-quality materials such as Milk Fiber, Merino wool and the so-called ‘Moisture Wicking Fabrics’. Milk Fiber moisturizes the skin and is bacteriostatic. Moisture Wicking Fabrics are wicking fabrics that are more breathable than natural fabrics like cotton and wool.

  • To ensure the best pressure gradient and the highest quality, STOX Energy Socks are made on highly advanced medical equipment. Implementing graduated compression is made possible through the so-called circular knitting technology of these machines.

  • The preventive effect of compression socks has been shown in several scientific studies. For example, 93% of runners experienced muscle soreness after a run of 10 kilometres with traditional running socks, while this was only 14% with the runners who wore sports compression socks. Flight passengers also reported positive results. After a 5-hour flight 60% of travellers who wore compression stockings experienced less pain and 45% experienced less swollen legs and feet. For people with a standing profession, the socks are also a godsend. A large part of the nursing staff experienced less pain (84%) and less swelling of the legs (74%) during work by wearing compression socks .

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Our Medical Board

  • Dr Disselhof

    Vascular surgeon

    Wearing the stocking is very pleasant due to the high quality materials. I recommend the stocking to all persons with a standing profession.

  • Rogier Hoek

    Head of medical affairs at Sparta Rotterdam

    Within my area of ​​work I recommend the use of energy socks. A great addition to perform optimally.