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    Support socks that boost your energy!
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    • Support socks are available in four different types of pressure classes. The higher the class, the higher the pressure. With a preventive purpose, a Class 1 support stocking is sufficient. For mild symptoms a class 2 stocking. If you have severe symptoms, you're forced to seek medical advice from your doctor. He will advise you whether a class 3 or class 4 support stocking is the right choice.

    • Maybe you already know that when we sit or stand for a long time without moving, we rob our bodies from a very natural function, namely helping it to achieve a more efficient circulation. This function is the natural bending of our leg muscles. As we walk, jog or move our feet in a rocking motion, we automatically activate our calf muscles. The alternating bending and relaxing movement of the calf muscles act like a built-in pump in the lower legs to help the blood circulate. In addition to the calf muscles, the arteries in the legs contain non-return valves which prevent the blood from flowing in the wrong direction. The calf muscle movement squeezes the arteries in the legs in a gentle rhythm. This helps to push the blood in the veins of the leg against the force of gravity back towards the heart, so that the lungs are supplied with oxygen again. When a person is immobile for a long time, because he has a profession where prolonged sitting or standing is customary or travels a lot by plane, train, bus or car, then he or she "turned off" this pumping action of the calf muscles. The blood circulation is thus somewhat delayed or works not as efficient as when a person walks.

      You may think: "Why should this be a problem - many people face this kind of situation on a daily basis," and that's true. But the fact is that many people are still unaware that this could become a problem. When a person is sitting or standing for a long time, blood is more likely to remain in the lower legs and feet, which can contribute to swelling. In the worst case, the risk is increased and blood clots arise. In medical terms this is known as deep vein thrombosis or DVT. This can be exacerbated if an individual has existing diseases of the veins, such as faulty valves in the veins or even varicose veins. Blood clots in the veins can be dangerous because when they break, they can travel to the heart and into the lungs. With such a potentially life-threatening condition, known as a pulmonary embolism, immediate medical attention is required.

    • Graduated support socks are designed to prevent many negative effects that occur as the result of long sitting or standing. Due to the strong downward force of gravity, our circulatory system needs all the help it can get. This is normally done in a natural way by the contraction of the calf muscles when we are active and moving. If we can not move, the graduated support socks can help to boost and thus push back the blood in the legs. The principle of graduated compression, which are incorporated in all STOX Energy Socks, consists of firmly squeezing the legs, starting with the highest compression at the ankle. From there, the applied pressure is reduced gradually until it eventually performs the lowest compression on the upper leg. This graduated compression prevents and/or reduces swelling in the feet and ankles and provide the legs with new energy.

    • The main reasons why you should wear support socks
      Health and wellness are things that we all deal with. We are pretty sure that this holds for you as well and after reading the information below, you will understand how meaningful it is to wear support socks.

      When we further explore why people wear support socks, we actually find two groups of wearers. A group of individuals wearing these proactive as a preventative measure to keep their legs healthy as long as possible. The other group, perhaps because of their family history or other circumstances, is not so happy with the health of their legs. They already experienced signs or symptoms, such as varicose veins and/or swelling in the leg. Both groups may be advised by their doctor to wear support socks to help alleviate the often painful indications of such venous or lymphatic conditions.

      Why you should wear support socks for preventive reasons

      Here are the main reasons and circumstances why you should consider to wear support socks:

      Pregnancy: During pregnancy the growing baby puts more pressure on the female body and its blood circulation system. As a result of the increasing pressure, the veins expand and work less efficient. To counter the stress on the body, your doctor may suggest to wear stockings with graduated compression. This can correct a variety of discomforts and problems such as swelling, leg pain or cramps, varicose veins or even prevent more serious conditions such as deep vein thrombosis (blood clots).

      Long trips: If you travel by plane, train, bus or car, where you sit many hours in a sitting position, there may be an increased risk of developing DVT (blood clots), the so-called "economy-class syndrome". Controlled studies have shown that wearing support socks can effectively prevent or reduce the risk of DVT during long trips in small spaces.

      Athletes and sports enthusiasts: support socks are popular in many sports. These stockings have shown that they improve performance through increased circulation. They reduce muscle fatigue and muscle damage potential.

      In general, good preventive support with support socks can be reached with a compression pressure of 18-25 mmHg. The STOX Running Socks are a good example.

      Why you should wear support stockings for existing complaints

      Varicose veins and spider veins: support socks ensure that the diameter of weakened and enlarged blood vessels are brought back to normal levels, thereby providing a better blood circulation back to the heart.

      Chronic venous insufficiency or venous problems: These could be minor problems, such as pain, a heavy feeling in the legs, dilated veins, or more serious problems, such as changes in skin, rash on the legs, swelling, skin infections and ulcers. Support stockings, which are available in various pressure classes, can improve the blood flow.

      Diabetes: If you are a diabetic patient you may need to wear diabetic socks on the advice of your doctor. These special foot covers are designed to exert only a minimal compression and to make a maximum possible blood circulation. They are made of breathable material in order to remove moisture, to disperse heat and prevent or reduce swelling of the feet.

      Knee Osteoarthritis: Support stockings are one of the most recommended products by physiotherapists to reduce pain and accelerate the healing process.

      Graduated support stockings may help alleviate many of the symptoms described above. In most cases, compression stockings with a graduated compression of 20mmHg or higher form the solution. The STOX Medical Socks have a graduated compression of 23-32 mmHg, and thus perfectly suited to prevent or soothe these symptoms.

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