Compression stockings help you to exercise for as long as possible!

Physical condition We all enjoy swimming with our children, or maybe playing football with our grandchildren. But most of us are not always in the physical condition to enjoy these sporadic physical activities without having to pay the price of pain in the days that follow. Even after a good warm-up, our sports activities can be more strenuous than we expected in advance, especially when our fellow players speed things up (like when your teenage son tries to challenge you with a game of football).   muscle strain There are also those who enjoy sports on a recreational but more regular basis, whether it be a softball competition, the weekly tennis match, or the ski vacation. We don't always have the time to train for these activities, and as we get older, we have trouble using the right techniques that also require more physical effort. Compression stockings can help reduce muscle soreness after exercise for sporty people. Trained athletes, even middle-aged and older, improved their later performance when wearing support stockings during periods of rest and recovery.   Know your limits The compression strength of the support stockings should be comfortable and fit properly, but they do not need to be custom-made for this purpose. Support stockings do not replace proper warm-up and stretching exercises, but should be worn during these activities. When you practice more difficult and strenuous sports, we recommend that you visit your doctor to ensure that you do not participate in an activity that is beyond your physical capabilities.   Faster recovery, for young and old! So don't be afraid to venture out and enjoy physical activities. But make sure, young or old, that you take the right measures so as not to spoil your pleasure with sore muscles!

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