The 8 best, newest and most effective sports trends of 2017

1. Calisthenics   Calisthenics, another word for strength training with your body weight, is something that has been done for centuries. Nevertheless, this form of training has become extremely popular again in the gyms and is constantly being redesigned. The biggest advantage of exercising with your body weight is that you don't necessarily have to book a gym for this. If you have a busy schedule, this training form is ideal. A climbing frame in your street is all you need for tricep dips and pull-ups, among other things! 2. Strength training Strength training is undoubtedly one of the best-known forms of training, but has become even more popular this year. When you think of strength training, you probably immediately think of young, muscular men that you could stick on the cover of Men's Health. Nothing could be further from the truth, because nowadays most people benefit more from a fit and strong feeling than a well-trained body. It has become a form of training that is popular among men and women of all age categories. You also now see more and more patients with a chronic condition who want to become (and remain) stronger through strength training. 3. Wearables Wearables is an umbrella term for all kinds of gadgets that support you during your training. Think of GPS trackers, activity trackers and smartwatches. The popularity of wearables once started thanks to the arrival of (among others) the Nike Fuelband and nowadays similar wearables come in all shapes and sizes. From bracelets that monitor your performance to yoga pants with built-in sensors; you can't think of it so crazy. Precisely because more and more efficient apps and gadgets are coming onto the market every year, experts expect that sales of sports wearables will continue to increase. 4. HIIT High Intensity Interval Training, better known as HIIT, is an indispensable part of sporting land, just like strength sports. The name also says exactly what it is: intensive sports with very short intervals. An average HIIT session lasts about 15 to 20 minutes and the rule of thumb of a regular HIIT is that it has a 2: 1 ratio. This means that low-intensity workouts alternate with high-intensity workouts. For example, a 60-second run is alternated with a 30-second sprint at a HIIT.

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