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Avoid tired legs and recover faster with our Sport Socks. Compression socks made of high tech material, gives optimum support and helps to reduce muscle pain.

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  • During exercise, the athlete suffers from tired and heavy legs. This can ensure that performance is disappointing. You can also get injured while exercising. Even more important: after exercise you often suffer from muscle pain in the legs. Sports compression socks, such as the STOX sports socks, improve blood circulation in your legs. The result is that waste is removed more quickly, which prevents muscle pain. In addition, the better pumping of blood ensures that more blood enters the muscles during exercise. This reduces the risk of injury, such as shin splints and achilles tendon infections.

  • 93% of the runners with traditional sport socks had muscle pain after a run of 10 kilometers. Only 14% had muscle pain after running 10 kilometers with sport compression sport socks. 

    A. Ali, M.P. Caine, B.G. Snow. ‘’Graduated compression stockings: Physiological and perceptual responses during and after exercise.’’ (2007). Journal of Sports Sciences. Volume 25, Issue 4, pages 413-419.

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