Ski Socks

STOX® ski socks optimize the blood flow in the legs and by doing so decreasing damaging the muscle tissue, reduce muscle fatigue and stimulate blood lactate removal, which enhances recovery.

Scientific evidence STOX Ski Socks

Are you one of those people who experiences painful feet during skiing? And does muscle soreness complicate your skiing abilities? Now is the time to achieve the ultimate relief! The STOX ski socks treat your ankles and shins outrageously comfortable. Next to that, the ski socks adept to your feet through the compression they contain: this is called STOX Perfect Fit. Last but not least, your muscles feel strong all day long because of the STOX Energizing Flow and you’ll never experience cold feet again!

Compression stockings like the STOX ski socks help to flush blood lactate from the muscles and prevent/delay muscle pain. Studies have shown that wearing compression stockings results in ‘’a faster lactate recovery rate after exercise.’’

Bindemann, K., (2007), The effects of compression garments on the recovery of long distance runners after prolonged exercise, Stellenbosch University South Africa.