About us

Ordinary socks have ruled the world for long enough.

Now it is time for something new. Something different. Something that energizes your legs, body and mind. Now… it is time… for STOX®!

About STOX

STOX is a new and revolutionary footwear brand that is characterized by its superior quality at the lowest price. We are a game-changer in the field of socks and will revolutionize this market. Everyone wears socks. But in our opinion, normal socks are rather limited in their features. In these current times of innovation and busy lifestyles, socks could use a major update. Our socks have been developed in Amsterdam, near the Vondelpark, because most chaos reigns here. This helps us in the creative, innovative process to implement precisely these qualities to help the busy men and women of today to be as productive as possible. Because we do not use intermediaries and perform all design and development work in-house, we are able to deliver high quality compression stockings at the best price.

Our story

A long, long, loooooong time ago our ancestors walked on both their hands and feet. Because this quadruped design was abruptly being put upright, our weight pulled to our spine in the wrong direction, which resulted in back problems and a greater likelihood of varicose veins. We are trying to compensate this error of evolution with STOX Energy Socks.

We think this is necessary because nowadays everyone is busy and we want to do everything at once. Because of this, we place our physical body to the test. To achieve better health and productivity, we started with the development of our revolutionary socks in 2012. Just because we are a big fan of innovation and got tired with the old cotton socks that you are probably wearing right now ;-) With a team of well-known vascular surgeons, we are able to implement medical techniques into our socks for everyday activities. By wearing STOX Energy Socks everyone experiences a younger and more energetic feeling in his or her legs. No matter how long the day lasts. They avoid the feeling of tired, aching legs when you have to stand during work for long hours a day and muscle soreness after exercise. We know what we fabricate.

So whether you’re a big sports fan, world traveler or workaholic, or like to spend long hours in the Pub: STOX Energy Socks are perfect for everyone!

Our team


Jeroen Smid


Favorite STOX® Energy Socks:

the Running Socks, during running and playing golf

Caspar Disselhoff


Favorite STOX® Energy Socks:

Dark Grey Work Socks, especially during exhibitions and when he stays in the bar till late

Martijn van Strien


Favorite STOX® Energy Socks:

Black Work Socks, when he is designing his fashion for long hours a day

Dr. B.C.V.M. Disselhoff


Favorite STOX® Energy Socks:

Travel Socks, during long flights when he is visiting medical fairs