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Compression socks designed for smart runners. Experience fewer running injuries, muscle pain & tired legs and recover faster. Made from high-tech moisture-wicking materials.

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  • STOX® Running Socks make sure that the blood in your legs keeps the maximum oxygen capacity. Experience energetic legs throughout your run!

  • The best running socks that prevent injuries and muscle pain so that nothing can stop you during your run! STOX Running compression stockings ensure that you do not have tired legs when you run in your free time. This makes it easier and more comfortable to walk and, thanks to a shorter recovery period, you can start your next workout faster. STOX offers a high quality running sock with graduated compression, suitable for injury prevention and recovery. This anatomically shaped high sock ensures that you can get the most out of your sports performance!

  • Our running socks with compression are ultra comfortable, blister-free and moisture-wicking. They are even more functional due to the degressive compression that optimizes blood flow in the legs. Compression running socks take advantage of the latest advances in synthetic materials, provide support and stimulate the leg muscles. Degressive compression reduces lactic acid build-up and speeds up the metabolism so that the muscles can recover faster than ever before. It also prevents cramps and reduces the risk of shin splints.

  • The tight fit of our running socks exerts constant, light pressure on the calf and helps the muscles to let blood flow faster and supply the muscles with more oxygen. The increased oxygen supply leads to more endurance and less muscle fatigue. In addition, the knee-high running socks keep your calves and feet warm in the colder months of the year, but ensure a dry running experience in the hot summer months.

  • Creates a shock absorbing effect, therefore decreasing damaging the muscle tissue to a minimum.

  • The 'Moisture Wicking Fabrics' are moisture drifting fabrics that are better breathable than natural fabrics such as cotton. It is the fastest drying fabric available and dries 4 times faster than cotton.

  • 93% of the runners with traditional running socks had muscle pain after a run of 10 kilometers. Only 14% had muscle pain after running 10 kilometers with sport compression running socks. 

    A. Ali, M.P. Caine, B.G. Snow. ‘’Graduated compression stockings: Physiological and perceptual responses during and after exercise.’’ (2007). Journal of Sports Sciences. Volume 25, Issue 4, pages 413-419. Read the full article here.

  • Running well starts with the basics. Many people think of buying good shoes, but a good running sock is just as important. We have the best running socks in our range for injury prevention and recovery. The high sock is a compression sock that is anatomically shaped. This sock supports the legs while running. At STOX we are constantly developing. Our new collection of STOX running socks men is a good example of this. At STOX you can buy the best running socks online at the lowest price. Free shipping from € 50!

  • Are knee-high running socks too warm during the summer months? We have the compression sock in our new collection especially for hot days. The running socks for men and women are thin socks with the same compression as the running socks for men and running socks for women. These thin socks contain ultra-thin moisture-wicking materials that balance the temperature on hot days. So your feet feel nice and cool! The STOX running socks should not be missing as standard running accessories.

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