Running Socks Women


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  • More energy
  • Longer endurance
  • Reduced risk of shin splints
  • Less muscular pains

Compression level:

(18-25 mmHg)

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More energy

STOX® Running Socks optimize the blood flow in your legs and provide maximum oxygen-capacity to the muscles. Experience energetic legs during your run!


Less muscular pains

The STOX® Energizing Flow decreases muscle fatigue and stimulates blood lactate removal, which enhances recovery.


Less muscle damage

Creates a shock absorbing effect, therefore decreasing damaging the muscle tissue to a minimum.


Ensures dry legs

The ‘Moisture Wicking Fabrics’ are more breathable than natural fabrics like cotton. It is the fastest drying fabric available and dries four times faster than cotton.

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Material 40% Polyamide + 20% Polyester + 20% Elastane

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