Restless Legs: What Is It? [2019 Update & Experiences]

what are restless legs? Restless legs is a neurological condition in which the affected person has a strong tendency to move the legs. The tendency, or sensation, can be described as a strong tingling or tickling sensation. In general, this often happens in the evening or at night when you fall asleep. It can also happen that you get restless legs after sitting still for a long time, such as on a long bus or plane. The sensation of restless legs doesn't just show up in legs. It can also occur in the arms, feet and hands. How do I know if I have restless legs? The sensation of restless legs makes you want to move your legs. When you actually move your legs, the sensation will diminish. If you don't enter, the sensation will only get worse (unfortunately, I can't promise anything better). It can also happen that your legs kick on their own. The sensation can thus be described as a strong tingling, or tickling sensation. Why are restless legs annoying? Restless legs are a nuisance because they keep people awake. You cannot sleep well because of the unpleasant sensation. People who suffer from restless legs will therefore often suffer from sleep deprivation and become overtired during the day. Are restless legs dangerous? No, restless legs are not harmful in themselves. However, the condition is simply disturbing and causes you to have less energy during the day.

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