Problems After a Varicose vein treatment? Try These Options

You had varicose veins and you wanted to get rid of them.


You want to be able to move pain-free again, that your legs feel as 'light as a feather' and look beautiful again.

Varicose vein treatment is a very logical step for this. Now you are a few days or weeks further and you suffer from complaints after varicose vein treatment.

Do not worry. This can happen.

In this article we will discuss the various complaints that arise and how you can best tackle this.

Complaints after varicose vein treatment

Since there are different varicose vein treatments, various complaints can also arise after varicose vein treatment. Below an overview of various complaints after varicose vein treatment:

- Pain after a varicose vein treatment can occur regularly. That is normal. For example, after laser treatment, the pain can last for fourteen days. The pain can be accompanied by red spots. Stiffness and sensitivity are also common after the varicose veins have been treated. -Another complaint can be an irritating or burning sensation on the inside of the upper leg. Often this only happens after about four days. These complaints last from a week to ten days. What can you do about it?

Only when a prescription has been given for this, can painkillers take it. Always talk to your doctor or doctor about what is wise. - A common experience after varicose vein treatment is bruising and swelling in the upper leg. This usually takes seven to fourteen days. Don't worry, this is common. If you have doubts? Then contact the doctor or doctor. After the laser treatment, something rare can happen. For example, the skin may be burned and a thrombosis bone may arise. Thrombosis is very noticeable: it is often a big swelling around your calf that feels painful. You must treat thrombosis. So contact your doctor if you experience this.

-In the event that you had to use an adhesive plaster for varicose vein treatment, wounds and blisters can occur. These usually do not look good. They often disappear by themselves.

-Also a discoloration of skin can occur in the vicinity of the treated vein. This can occur especially in people with dark skin types. The discoloration often disappears over time. Another possibility is vein inflammation. In this case the skin will turn red and feel hard, sore and warm. You can also contact a doctor.-Do you suffer from a fever and are you not feeling well? Then it is wise to switch with the doctor

Never forget to consult with the doctor or doctor before taking measures.

Advice after varicose vein treatment

Fortunately there is general advice to combat complaints after varicose vein treatment. These recommendations also ensure a better recovery.

- Movement is very important after treatment with varicose veins. Try to move with moderation. Walking could certainly be, but try to avoid intensive sports. Do not run too fast or cycle after a varicose vein treatment.

-Wear support stockings. Yes, most support stockings do not look that good, are difficult to wear and are simply not comfortable. But they do work. After a varicose vein treatment you probably have to wear a support stocking.

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