How to prepare for a running event with warm weather

The weather's nice. You sweat more, your heart rate goes up, but wow it's good to be outside for a run. There aren't lots of beautiful sunny days in a year, so when the time comes, we take advantage of it!

It's quite inconvenient if that extremely warm day takes place on the exact date when you're running a half marathon or marathon. That's a lot to take in. But no worries, there are a few tips to practise so that you will finish a whole lot easier.

What's happening to your body?

First of all you'll notice that your heart rate goes up. With large temperature differences this can be 10 beats per minute. In the Netherlands the air can be very moisty and because of this the differences can be even bigger. Logically, you have to add a few extra minutes to your final time at your running event, because an increased heart rate results in less oxygen supply to your muscles. Therefore, STOX developed Running Socks which ensure that your blood circulation remains as optimal as possible and provides extra oxygen supply to your muscles. STOX improves the blood flow to the heart and reduces the blood lactate removal in the legs. Because of this you stay energized. Because the (Lightweight) Running Socks contain ultra-thin moisture wicking materials, your feet will feel nice and cool.

And of course, sweating! A lot. Normaly, sweat evoporates which makes your body to cool down. But with the higher humidity we have, your sweat will evoporate way less which make you sweat like a pig. That's why you should watch out for dehydration. Make sure you drink enough water. Also when you're not thirsty and rather continu to rage along the water stops because of a new record you want to set. It's very, very important to drink during your running event! Not only to prevent dehydration, but also against cramps. When you have humidity deficiency you can get an awful cramp in your calves. This is easy to solve by drinking water. Some people think they can outthink the water stops by bringing salt tablets. But don't! This makes it even worse. The best combination to apply is: drink sport drinks and throw water over your body.

What to wear during a warm running event

Besides STOX Running Socks it's clever to wear light shorts and an airy top or t-shirt during your running event. Make sure you never wear cotton during a Summer run. This takes in moisture instead of wicking it. You can wear a cap against the sun, so you won't get sunburned.

STOX // Fit to run.

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