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Soothes aching legs, comfortably and in style.

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  • STOX has a patient goal: we offer support stockings of superior quality and apply fair prices that are appropriate to the times in which we live.

  • Degressive compression stockings give a certain pressure on the leg muscles, starting with the highest compression at the ankles. From there, the pressure exerted gradually decreases until it eventually performs the least compression on the upper leg.

    Want to read more about this? Read our blogpost about support stockings and what they do.

  • The degressive compression improves the discharge of blood and fluid, preventing and / or reducing swelling in the feet and ankles and helping to relieve venous and / or lymphatic conditions.

    Read more about why to wear support stockings.

  • The compression value is the pressure that a stocking exerts on the legs and is measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHG).

    The higher the compression value, the higher the pressure. Support stockings are available in 4 pressure classes.

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    STOX compression stockings create the effect of degressive compression therapy, which consists of firmly squeezing the legs. The highest pressure is at the ankles and gradually decreases, until it eventually performs the slightest pressure on the upper leg.

    Blood flow

    The STOX compression stockings improve the pump function of the leg, stimulating blood circulation. This improves the drainage of blood and fluid.


    This will prevent and / or reduce swelling in the feet and ankles. A healthier vascular system means fewer problems with varicose veins and other venous disorders!

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