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High-tech compression for smart hikers

STOX Outdoor Socks with high-tech compression

What does Petra (Nijmeegse Vierdaagse participant) say?

"Previously, I had thick and heavy lower legs at the end of each stage, but I am no longer bothered by that. I will never walk without it. "


What makes STOX Outdoor Socks unique?

  • By talking to a lot of hikers, we identified the biggest struggles that hikers have during their hikes. These problems are: 1. Tired legs during and after the hike 2. Muscle pain after a big hike (specifically frustrating when you are on a hiking trip that takes multiple days) 3. Blisters 4. Ticks when hiking in forests and moors

  • Taking the problems of hikers in account, we found the solution: compression socks! Compression socks prevent the sensation of tired legs and muscle pain. We also made sure that our socks are made with a thickened footbed and lowered heel piece, to prevent blisters. Ticke bites are (partly) prevented by the fact that our Outdoor Socks are worn up to the knee. This way, the insects have less chance to bite your legs and you can still wear shorts during warm days.

  • Compression socks are made to give a comfortable pressure to your legs. This way, your veins are supported in transporting 'old - low in oxcygen' blood out of the muscles and make room for 'new - oxcygen rich' blood in the muscles. This prevents the sensation of tired legs and muscle pain. The effect of compression socks is proven in 17 different scientific studies!

  • Fair question and we get this a lot from hikers. We made our Outdoor Socks from Merino Wool, which is a temperature regulating fabric. This way, your legs will not get too cold or too hot during a hike.

  • STOX Outdoor Socks are the official socks of the Dutch hiking association - Koninklijke Wandelbond Nederland.