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"They provide the same support as support stockings, but in a fashionable version. They last a long time, they are very strong!"


How does it work?

  • STOX Energy are stockings with class 2 in compression. This improves the blood flow.

    Why would you want that? An improved blood flow helps against pain and all kinds of deseases, such as thrombosis and edema.

  • By listening carefully to our customers, we have found that the old-fashioned compression stockings are very difficult to pur on and off. That is why we have focused on making a support stocking that is comfortable & also easier to use

  • STOX is a trusted supplier of the Bergman Clinics for over 6 years already!

  • Old fashioned stockings look like they are only for grandma's. At STOX, we figure that it is not necessary to feel like a patient when wearing a stocking. Therefore, we made our stockings fashionable and modern-looking.