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Don't let calf injuries cloud the joy of your run

How Do Socks Help Against Calf Pain & Cramps?

  • You want to lose the calf pain & cramps. Then it is crucial to know why it arises. The biggest sources of calf pain & cramps are an overload of the muscle or a poor blood flow in the lower leg. Should you worry about this? Not if you take the right action.

  • STOX Energy Socks are compression socks. This means the socks are (comfortably) tight around your feet or legs. Compression socks are known for providing support and stability to decrease the strain in the muscles and bones of your lower leg. That means while compression socks won’t magically heal your calf pain or cramps overnight, they'll give you much-needed relief.

  • STOX Energy Socks are already used by over 65.000 people for preventing and curing injuries, such as calf strain, shin splints and pain around the legs and feet due to sports activities.

"Great socks! No more pain in my calves."

"After my calf strain, I now use these socks. I won't work out without them. Great socks!"

"Really nice socks. They help me preventing pain in my Achilles heel and calves. Love them!"

"Goes well on the calves, which is very important to me. Even with a slight injury to the calf, I can safely run 25 km with STOX."

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