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    The Compression Socks To Prevent & Heal From Painful Calves

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    How does it work?

    • Thanks to the pressure in our socks (called compression), the blood circulation in your legs improves. As 18 different scientific studies prove, an enhanched blood circulation lead to a reduced risk of calf injuries and less painful legs

    • Our compression socks are available in different categories, for different activities. Every category is made of different material, which fits the activity. For example, our Sport Socks are made with moisture-wicking materials, to keep your legs dry. On the other hand, our Daily/Work Socks are made with bamboo, for optimal comfort.

    • As already said, 18 different studies prove the effect of compression socks on your legs and muscles. More importantly, our 35.000+ users review us with a 9.1 out of 10! They are extremely happy (and some of them surprised) with the effects of our compression socks on their legs.


    What does Sam say?

    "The socks meet my expectations. I don't have any pain in my calves anymore. The sock are tight, but not too tight. So you do not really feel them during the day"

    Sam (28), Zwolle
    30 days

    30 days

    Try our socks for 30 days

    • Wear them for 30 days, risk free
    • Speedy delivery at your door / mailbox
    • Easy returns and refund procedure
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