How many rest do you need when you exercise frequently?

Previously we've told you that rest is super important for your recovery, but also for your progression. Compression socks can help you with this and we'll tell you how. Did you know that it's completely useless to train the same group of muscles every day. A recovery period takes (depending on the effort) about 48-72 hours. Your body needs this time to recover the damaged muscle cells and recharge for your next training. When you're optimally restored, the next time you can train a little bit heavier. Wearing STOX Recovery Socks can help you during recovery. These compression socks improve the drainage of blood and fluid, which fastens the healing process of injuries like shin splints, calf and Achilles tendon problems. You can also wear compression socks during exercising. Keep reading if you want to know more about this.


What? Yes, supercompensation. We all you what compensation means. Training, rest, a good recovery period, the right nutrition, and so on. There's never one specific thing that makes you achieve your goals. It's always a concatenation of the right balance. Supercompensation means that your body doesn't only recover to your old level, but your body makes the damaged muscle fibers a bit stronger and thicker than they were before. Why? Because during exercising little cracks occur in your muscles and your body wants to prevent this for your next training. The result of this mechanism of your body is that you become stronger and muscular over a certain period of time. Important is that you follow a training schedule that suits your body. Of course, it's fun to train with someone who's just a little bit better than you, so you can push yourself, but do not overdo it and prevent your muscles from getting overloaded.​

Much exercising = Much sleeping

Doesn't this sound like music to your ears? When you have your beauty rest, your body creates substances like melatonin and growth hormones. These are used for, among other things, your muscle recovery. Our muscles also recover because your body temperature drops as you sleep because your body is in a sort of "saving mode". Did you know, for example, that your body builds 50% less resistance when you only have a short night of 6 hours. Another good reason to have a good night's rest of 8 hours.

STOX Energy Socks

You know the feeling. That stiff exhausted feeling in your legs. You can experience this during your workout. For instance in form of acidification. But also after a workout. That familiair muscular pain, when you prefer to do everything by others so that you can stay on the couch all day.​ Wear STOX Running Socks during your workout or run. These compression socks optimize the blood flow in your legs and provide maximum oxygen-capacity to the muscles. The STOX® Energizing Flow decreases muscle fatigue and stimulates blood lactate removal, which enhances recovery. After your workout or run you wear compression socks to fasten your recovery time, you need to take less rest and you keep energetic legs even tough you've had a hard training. As we've said before STOX Recovery Socks can help you with this. The socks decrease muscle fatigue and stimulate blood lactate removal, which enhances recovery.

​How many rest do I need?

So, it's clear that you have to give your body enough rest after a good training. We simply need to recharge. It's okay to go to the gym the day after you've had a good workout, but try to train a different group of muscles. Instead of training your legs again, train your arms for instance. So, the thing is that your body needs a good recovery time. Try to switch between heavy and lighter workouts.

'STOX is common sense!'

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